Cheap Ghostwriters

August 15, 2019

...are not what you should be looking for, if you're in need of a good ghostwriter. Although, as a search term, if that's what brought you here, I'm quite happy you used it! 

Whatever works, works, as I like to say. 

But back to the topic at hand. To expand on a recent blog post, cheap is not the same as affordable. Cheap is almost always cheap, but affordable is relative.

Ghostwriting is both an art and a craft. The art is working with someone closely enough to "get" their "voice" relatively quickly so that you can write a book in their name. 

In other words, the art of a good ghostwriter is taking the feelings, emotions, and dreams locked within the mind and soul of the client and releasing them into the world as a compelling narrative. 

Telling someone's story as they have imagined it. And sometimes, providing some of the imagination, too! 

This is not an easy thing to do. 

The craft of ghostwriting is the same as the craft of writing: the ability to tell a story. 

Combine the art and the craft, and a good ghostwriter can turn your dreams into reality. 

Which is why "cheap" should be banished from the ghostwriting lexicon. 

Inexpensive is better, but still not quite what we're looking for. 

I would probably prefer "reasonable." As in, what is a reasonable price for any particular project. 

You might want a short story, or a screenplay, or a memoir, or a novel based on your life or ideas. Obviously, these are very different types of projects, and within each format, your particular story will also be unique. 

Therefore, a good ghostwriter will first assess what you need before providing a price, but hopefully the price is a reasonable one. 

That's why, while we are happy to provide a ballpark estimate for any of those types of projects, we also need to understand more about what you want before we nail down a final fee. 

We don't want to charge more than we need to, nor do we want to charge less than makes sense for the time and effort required. 

Many times a client will think they need more work than is required. Believe it or nor, oftentimes someone comes to us believing their unfinished manuscript is a mess, but we see that it just needs a little tweak here and there. And the reverse can also be true.  

Call The Best Ghostwriters at 323-539-7635 or drop us an email for a free consultation. 

Whether you have existing material to be fixed, or your story is "all in your head," we can help bring it to life. 

All for a reasonable price.