Fiction Ghostwriting vs Nonfiction

September 6, 2019

Is there a difference in terms of finding the right ghostwriter for your particular project? 

Yes and no. 

There's definitely a difference between fiction and nonfiction, of course. But what does that difference have to do with the ghostwriter you choose? 

Quite a bit, but maybe not in the way you'd think. 

First of all, there are definitely ghostwriters who specialize in one or the other. Sometimes that's due to what they prefer to work on, and sometimes it's due to their particular skillset. It's important for anyone, but especially those engaged in artistic endeavors, to know what you're good at. While it may not matter if you're a hobbyist, it's pretty important if it's your occupation. 

While all ghostwriting, or writing for that matter, is storytelling, there are lots of types of stories and lots of ways to tell them. 

Some ghostwriters are just better with true stories. Some are better creating new scenarios, new worlds, outside the bounds of reality. And there are further areas of specilization, such as memoirs, which are based on true life stories but are not the same as, say, a true story based on a particular event. And there are memoirs which would not be considered as autobiographies because of their scope or point of view. And of course, their are fictional stories based in reality, which are different from sci-fi, which is not the same as speculative science fiction. And on and on.

So what does all this have to do with the original question? 

Well, your story, whatever it may be, fiction or non, is unique to you. It may be similar to other stories, but this one is yours. So the most important aspect in choosing a ghostwriter is not necessarily the type of story, but how your story fits with the writer or editor you choose. How that ghostwriter fits with you. 

Ghostwriting and editing a full length manuscript or screenplay is a big deal if you want to get it right. It can take time, and some of that time will be spent with you, telling the story, discussing the story, and revising the story as it becomes whatever you want it to be. So due diligence on your part is essential. Talk to more than one ghostwriter. Ask questions. Read samples. Discuss what your story should be. It's a journey. Make sure you mesh with your traveling partner. 

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