Ghostwriters for Hire

September 3, 2019

So what exactly do you find when you type those words into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo or Bing or Ask Jeeves (is that one still around?) 

I posit that what you find depends on what you're looking for, but the chances are pretty good that it's in there somewhere.

Because scroll. 

Meaning, whatever you're looking for in terms of a ghostwriter for hire, you will find on Google. (let's drop the pretense of the other search engines and just admit Google won, no offense to the others). In other words, whatever you're looking for will be there if you scroll far enough. 

So what is everyone looking for when they type in ghostwriter for hire?

Some may be hoping to, wait for it...actually hire a ghostwriter to write their book or screenplay, but others may just want to get a little help with their idea. 

But others may want to get hired as a ghostwriter. Or just find out how much it costs. Or maybe the searcher is actually looking for that Nic Cage movie about a ghost on a motorcycle, but that annoying spell-check-word-finisher thingie took over and completed the search term before the searcher realized it and then they clicked and wound up in the wrong place. Auto-complete, it's called, and boy can that be irritating sometimes. 

By the way, if you'd like to stop that sort of thing, click here. (That link goes to the #1 search result for "why does google finish my sentences?") 

But I digress.

My original point was going to be that while it's always best to know what you're looking for before you start the search, that's not always going to be the case. Sometimes you're not sure where you wanna go, but you're in the car and you have a full tank of gas and it's a beautiful day and so why not explore a bit?

And sometimes maybe you just need a little help figuring out exactly what you need. Maybe your story should be a novel, or maybe it should be a screenplay. 

Which is why, if you think you've got a story to tell but you aren't sure how to tell it, it's a good idea to email The Best Ghostwriters, or call us at 323-539-7635. 

Even if you don't know exactly where you wanna go, it's nice to go out for a scroll.