Hamilton is more than just a great show

March 29, 2019

It's also the story of a great ghostwriter. 

Who, you ask? 

Alexander Hamilton himself, that's who! 

Hamilton was not only one of our most accomplished founding fathers, he was also the nation's first treasury secretary, the creator of the New York Post, and one of the world's greatest ghostwriters. 

For years, Alexander Hamilton wrote all of George Washington's speeches to Congress, letters to his generals, and just about every other communication to anyone and everyone who needed the ear of the first President of the United States. After a while, Alex didn't even need to consult with his good friend George before doing so. 

Think about that for a moment: Alexander Hamilton knew the mind of George Washington so well he could answer his letters and write his speeches and issue orders to his generals in the field without even checking in with the boss first. 

Now that's a great ghostwriter! 

I don't know if Alex ghostwrote any of George's letters to Martha Washington, but given Hamilton's reputation as a ladies' man and his talent as a poet, I'm sure she would have enjoyed reading them. George could be a bit stodgy, after all. Although he did have a lot on his mind, what with the revolution and birthing a democracy and all. 

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And go see Hamilton if you can. It's a great show!