Anyone can write a book

March 26, 2019

Even me, you ask? 

Yes, even you. 

I believe that anyone can write a book if they put their mind to it. 

Now that doesn't mean anyone can write a great book, or even a good one. 

But I think anyone, or almost anyone, can actually write a book. 

Allow me to explain: 

Say you decide to write your memoir, but you've never written a book before. How should you start the process? 

You might sit down and make a list of milestones in your life. You know milestones. Everyone has them. Milestones are events or time periods in your life that affected you, whether for good or for bad. Things that changed you, one way or another. It might be your high school graduation, that time you went to jail, or the birth of a child. It might be a car accident or a lottery win or just a really memorable day. Put 30 milestones on your list, and then write a letter to someone describing each one, explaining how you felt and what happened. Who you're writing to really doesn't matter. It could be a spouse, a relative, or even a stranger. A real person or an imaginary friend. Just describe each milestone to someone you want to share your thoughts with.

Even if you only write a single letter a day, or a week, or a month, eventually you'll finish your list, and it will be a roadmap of your life. Which is, after all, what a memoir is. 

Your manuscript might not be ready to publish. It might not even be coherent. But it's the story of your life, and it can be edited and polished and whipped into shape, which is where we come in. The best ghostwriters can take your work and make it soar.

Of course, you can also contact us to help with the milestones, too. Bring us in early if that works better.

As I said, anyone can write a book, but not everyone can write a good one. 

We write good books. We write great books. Screenplays, too.  

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